A pair of good floor mats for the fastidious people, ARMU - high-end brand of car floor mats

Since the advent of the first automobile, it has been more than a hundred years since the automobile industry has been pursuing progress in technology and human nature.In automotive supplies, car floor mats are a product of technology and humanization.The basic functions of car floor mats include waterproof and anti-fouling, as well as safety, anti-skid, comfort, sound insulation, and warmth. A safe, comfortable, beautiful, and healthy car floor mat is bound to have the concept of health and environmental protection,Composed of durable materials and a strong brand guarantee.At present, there are many floor mats of varying quality on the market, some of which cannot perfectly fit the bottom of the car and cannot cover the suede of the original car, resulting in random displacement during driving and causing hidden dangers to driving safety; some of which are poor in quality and poisonousRaw materials are harmful to health; some are rough in workmanship, cracked and other conditions affect comfort. No matter what brand of car it is, it is very important to choose a comfortable, clean and safe car floor mat.ARMU was formally founded in 2011. It is committed to building a high-end floor mat brand. It has accumulated in the field of car floor mats for many years. It attaches great importance to product innovation, design and development, and manufacturing. The team has insight into the texture of more than 95% of car floor mats in the market.They are all densely packed grid patterns, which cannot meet the needs and tastes of mid-to-high-end car owners for floor mats. Therefore, Jane Carver re-invested and developed targeted research and development in the selection of leather fabric materials and product texture designs, creating a high-end quality, original car.Elements of car floor mats.Most of the customers of ARMU car floor mats are very particular and pay attention to design taste, so the team designed simple and high-end product lines such as "Colorful Space", "Technology World", "Across the World", and "Beautiful Life", breaking the unchanging black and grayThe dull monochrome design, with low-key intrinsic colors and texture design, perfectly blends with the car body itself, creating a high-end and fashionable atmosphere.

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