Optional Floor Mats

1. It is recommended to use the original car special floor mats - the floor mats can fit closely with the chassis cavity to better protect the main carpet and achieve sound insulation and anti-skid effects. Safety, comfort and other aspects have been considered by the car factory. Product quality is guaranteed.

2. See if there is a formal environmental protection test report on the floor mats - the body is the capital of the revolution, everyone knows environmental protection, and avoid secondary pollution

3. Check whether the workmanship of the floor mat is fine, whether the pattern is beautiful, and whether the function is complete - absorb water and vacuum, decontaminate, soundproof, protect the main carpet, especially the water absorption, vacuum, decontamination can be used to avoid the main carpet and other The interior is partially stained and damaged.

4. Check whether the floor mat manufacturer is a professional manufacturer - establishment time, business scope, independent brand

5. Compare prices and choose cost-effective floor mats

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